SATURATE is the world's #1 Joe Satriani Tribute Experience! Celebrating and honoring the music of legendary guitarist Joe Satriani by faithfully recreating the look and sound of a real Joe Satriani concert. From Joe's iconic melodies, incredible guitars (YES! The chrome one too!), crazy hats and of course the Oakley sunglasses, prepare to get your face shredded off!

Fronted by an 11x Emmy Award-Winner (TV Composer & Producer) and former Journey Tribute Band touring guitarist. DBJ has played on stages all over the world from bars, nightclubs, music halls, churches, festivals, fairs, cruise ships and has opened for many national touring acts.

DBJ (Lead Guitarist of SATURATE) had the chance to meet Joe way back in 2002-2003. When they spoke DBJ said to Joe, "I started playing guitar when I heard Eddie Van Halen, but I started practicing when I heard you!" Joe laughed it off with great humility and snapped this photo.

"The thoughts of creating a tribute act to the greatest guitarist ever started way back in 2011. I mean, come on man! Joe (Satriani) wrote some of the most iconic instrumental rocks songs of all time, sold over 10 million records, has 15 Grammy nominations and simply redefined how the electric guitar should be played... It's high time Joe has a tribute act based on his awesomeness, one he'd be proud of and we hope to introduce more people to his wonderful guitar music every performance."
                                                        -DBJ, Lead Guitarist of SATURATE



Joe's Website: http://www.satriani.com/
Go Buy Joe's Music: http://www.satriani.com/discography/welcome/
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